The firm was formally initiated in 1998 as BHL Property Consultants by Mr. Lim Beng Hai (BHL).

M/s BHL Property Consultants, is a firm of Property Consultants and Valuation Survey (PCVS) and competent and professionally qualified to undertake the valuation of all types of landed properties and tangible assets for all purpose, feasibility studies, property consultancy, research and other matters relating to land taxation, project and estate management site improvements, property management and also real estate agency.


As property consultants we provide a full range of real estate related services, viz :-

A) Real Estate Valuations for loans and Mortgages, Insurance, Sales and Purchase Balance Sheets and Corporate Purposes, Taxation, Compulsory Purchase, Arbitration, Planning and other purposes.
B) Real Estate Agency
C) Feasibility & Project Research
D) Market Analysis and Research
E) Project & Development Management
F) Investment & Development Consultancy
G) Building Surveying
H) Plant & Machinery Valuations for Insurance, Loss Assessment, Balance Sheet, Capital Restructuring, Loan & Mortgage Purposes, Taxation, Sale and Purchase.
I) Property Management
J) Auction of Real Estate and Plant & Machinery.

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